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A wide range of furniture that we will help to make your house perfect

Do you want to make your house more attractive? It is possible; just view our catalog and choose models of furniture for your personal taste. A wide assortment will help you to make a choice in favor of perfect furniture for your interior.
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Portobello Mirror
The Hasami Mirror
Mirror Giglio
the Lago Dorato mirror
Dining room (dining set) Degas
Model: 1503 / 1505
Shelf Jazz
Mirror 6003/23
Accessories items: 2384
Chair BED
Chair Princess
Armchair Poltroncina Clara
Chair Grand Voile
Chair Love
The Saville Chair
Chair Hiphop
Armchairs items: 6494
Bedroom (Suite bedroom) Creta
Bedroom (Suite bedroom) Milla
The bench
Bench Fusion Collection
Bedroom (Suite bedroom) Ponza
Bedroom (Suite bedroom) Giglio
Bedroom (Suite bedroom) Itaca
Banketka Code
Bench Kiria
Banquettes items: 66
Home bar Tudor Oak
Bar Club
Bar 02
Bar Riedizioni
Bar Hollywood
Bar Artex
Wall bar The Frame Bar Container
Bar counters items: 101
2009 Alcova Bed
Bed with wrought iron headboard Letto Coc?
bed Oceano
Single bed Molly
Double bed Paris Slim
Bedroom (Suite bedroom) 150
Double bed Handy
Beds items: 4340
Listone Bench
The Portofino Bench
Bench Margherita
Bench Extra
Bench Tech
Bedroom set
Double bench Guendalina
Benches items: 494
The snack bar
The Luna Snack Bar
The snack bar
The Buffet Orlando
The buffet 6232
The snack bar
Sideboard Maggi Massimo
Sideboard Maggi Massimo
the snack bar
Buffets items: 1286
Bureau Tosato
Bureau D509
Bureau Tosato
Bureau Riva 1920
Bureau SC18
Bureau Tosato
Bedroom Principessa
Bureau items: 110
Bookcase Libreria London
Wardrobe Mercantini
Tecnopolis sliding wardrobe
Wardrobe Andrea Fanfani
Wardrobe Cassiopea
The Ceposi Wardrobe Closet
Cabinets items: 3172
Hour Empire
Hour Morpheus
Hour Chica
Rack Revolving Tower
CD racks items: 29
The Lean chair armchair
Chair Alias
Dining room (furniture dining room)
Chair Leggera
Chair Cricket
Chair Avery
Luna Dining Room
Chairs items: 5984
Chaise Lounge Chaise Lounge
Bernini Chaise Lounge
Deck chair
Chaise Lounge Sand
The Armadillo Chaise Lounge
Chaise Lounge Kalinda
The sun lounger for garden Square
The Orgone Lounge Chair
Chaise Lounge La Chaise
Chaise lounges items: 157
Chest Bridgeton
A Chest Of Drawers Villa Borghese
The Lilac chest of drawers
Set for bedroom Capri
the Ice drawers Dresser
Dresser Eo
Set for bedroom
Chests of drawers items: 3551
Sideboard Ottocento
Sideboard Lorca
The Hyannis Port Sideboard
Dining room Partenope radica
Sideboard Mantegna
Liberty Sideboard
Raffaello dining set piano sagomato
China cabinets items: 381
Hanger Four Leaves
Entrance hall (set for the hallway) Fusion
Hanger Hangman
Hanger Homo sapiens
Hanger Paradise Tree
Clothes hanger Bella Vita
Hanger Twist
Coat racks items: 111
Console 5813
Console C079
The Lavish Console
Imrat Console
console Consolle Zoe
Console Let Me See
Console tables items: 1197
Couch Mediterraneo
Couch Moet
Chaise Lounge Long Chair
Augusta Daybed Long
Couch Lira
Couches items: 475
Mirror Star System
Sunburst Mosaic Mirror
Screen Paper Screen Patchwork
The mirror 255
Mirror Casablanca
Roberto Giovannini Mirror
Screen 545
Wall mirror Stars
Decoration of an interior items: 997
Door 4.1
The Door Gemeni
The Door Deco
Doors and partitions items: 207
Furniture for TV
Furniture for TV
Furniture for TV
Furniture for TV Scappini & C
Furniture for home theater Home Cinema The Frame
Furniture for TV
Furniture for TV Anteprima Mood
Furniture for TV Mobil Fresno
Furniture for TV
Furniture for TV items: 309
Kitchen (kitchen set) Barrique
kitchen (kitchen set) Contemporanea
Kitchen furniture kitchen) Foglia Oro
kitchen (kitchen set) Jaipur
Kitchen (kitchen set) Integra
Kitchen (Suite kitchen) Oyster
Kitchen (Suite kitchen) Cottage 2
kitchen (Suite kitchen) COCINA BAICAL
Kitchen furniture kitchen) Diamond
Kitchens items: 2870
Library Taormina
Cabinet (furniture Cabinet) BL Mobili
Bookcase Concerto
Library - Showcase
Library Cabinet
Library Taormina
Library Nabucco
Libraries items: 28
Mirror Kodama
Bellavista Alto Mirror
mirror Babi
Mirror quadrato Four Seasons
Mirror Squadra
Mirror Frame
Living room (sofa set) Zeus
Mirror Diamond
Bedroom (Suite bedroom) Italia
Mirrors items: 1716
Modular system Kettnaker
Wall Domus
Suite 130 Proposal
Modular system I Petali
Modular system Parenthese
storage system Segno
Modular system Seta
Modular system
modular system ModulArt
Modular systems, wall units items: 1611
Vanity Ezio Bellotti
Dressing table
Vanity Scappini & C
Dressing table
Bedroom set
Vanity Ezio Bellotti
Dressing table
Dressing table
Bedroom (Suite bedroom) Mida
Pier glasses items: 43
Poof JR11
Set for the living room
Poof Windsor
Bedroom (furniture-bedroom)
Poof P60
Poof Opera
Pouf Paloma
Pouffes items: 1026
Screen Saraya
Screen Moucharabieh
Screen Museum
Screen Le Paravent de l'autre
Screen Arte Veneziana
Screen Ambiente Notte
Screen Holden
Screen Chelini
Screen Museum
Screens items: 41
Secretaire Bellagio
The Secretary
Secretaire Camus
corner secretaire
The Secretary
The Secretary
Secretaire Kensington
The Secretary 520
Secretaries items: 113
Set for teen rooms Di Liddo & Perego
Shelf for books
Shelf Acrylege
Regiment Punto
Shelf for books
Bedroom (Suite bedroom) Everyday Notte
Teddy shelf Mensole
Regiment To Its Linfa
Shelves items: 192
Rack Casablanca
the rack Blitz
Rack Albero
set of furniture for the office DESPACHO LIBERIA
Rack Random
Furniture room teen
Rack Memory
Bookcase Bookshelf
Shelving units items: 756
Showcase Riva Mobili d'arte
Showcase Baroque
A Snack Bar Pannini
showcase Chiara
Showcase E605
Showcase 2736
Showcase Glass&Glass
Showcase Tonin Casa
Showcases items: 1368
Bookcase Zeus
Bookcase Tosato
Bookcase Celine NL.543
Bookcase Tosato
Bookcase Tosato
Small bookcases items: 54
The Vero Sofa
Sofa bed
Double sofa Ambrogio
Sofa corner
Sofa Oceano
Modular sofa Petra
Sofa Flore
Sofas items: 7737
Bedroom Monreale
Stand Kayak
Stand At The Stilema Stand
Dresser, chest of drawers Lerici
Bedside Cabinet Mobil Fresno
Not Riddled Cupboard
Stand AKI
Set for bedroom Grilli
Stands items: 2526
Stool Ribbon
Stool Atlas
Stool Bungalow
Stool Stone
Stool 5325
Bar stool Lazy 05
The LC8 stool
Stool stool Avalon
Stools items: 136
Living room (sofa set) Circuit
Console with mirror Ercole
Supports items: 82
Table C1390
dining table
Coffee table HD
Table You and Me
Writing Desk
Axis dining table
Coffee table George 2
The Table Monte-Carlo
Tables items: 10014
Living room set
Trunks items: 23
Sofa Oltre
Sofa Palmasera
Millennium modular sofa
Sofa Delano
Set for bedroom
Leeon Sofa
Sofa Dorado
Sofa Achille
The Andersen Slim Sofa
Upholstered furniture items: 11992
Children (Suite for children) Julia Arredamenti
Dressing Elumo
Closet A192 I
Dressing room Charme
Closet Way
the Tecnopolis wardrobe swing
Wardrobe Move
Dressing Ranja
Dressing Modulia a Giorno
Walk-in-closets and wardrobes items: 263

Having your home purchased from us furniture you will understand what true style

The beauty of home environment is important for everyone, and that's why the urge to pick up decent furniture and attractive accessories to the outside space is quite natural. In our catalog you will find options for every taste to design each zone of your house or apartment. Comfortable and beautiful furniture will pick up fans of most styles and trends, fans of different colors and materials. The General characteristic of each subject presented here, will be of the highest quality, which guarantees the best companies of Europe and the world.

Decorate living room with stylish sofas, chairs, furniture for TV, shelving, tables (coffee, coffee), cupboards (for books, accessories, crockery), modular system. They will help to adequately receive guests or relax with family after work.

The bedroom will look great with comfortable bedsand wardrobes, dressing table, Ottomans, dressers, mirrors, screens. A special atmosphere of coziness, which they will bring, will make your sleep stronger and a better mood.

Children will not be without beds, cabinets, tables, chairs, walls attractive design, developed to meet international standards. With them your child will harmoniously grow and develop, enjoying life.

Canteens will look even cuter with a spectacular dining tables, chairs, sideboards, buffets. You will eat in almost Royal.

In the Cabinet will be dominated a decent atmosphere created by noble furniture: desks, chairs, sofas, libraries, secretaries, shelves to help you focus and tune in a working mood.

EN-Suite bathroom will be transformed, decorated with quality cabinets, mirrors, tables, shelves where you can place the perfumes, cosmetics, bath textiles and accessories.

The hall will be comfortable, decorated with couches, chests of drawers, mirrors, hangers. It will be as spectacular as the other rooms of the house

The kitchen will become more functional and more fashionable thanks to the headsets, as well as the tables, the bar, the chairs.

Here you will find everything to make your home even better.

At the moment we are replenishing the product catalog and just a little part of an assortment of furniture that we can offer you is represented in our website.

If you have any questions regarding products which are not represented here you can ask us a question or see catalogs and samples of materials (finishings, covers and other) in a comfortable atmosphere with a cup of coffe in our studio. Our managers will listen to all your wishes and requirements about furniture and together with designers will help to create a unique interior, to choose suitable Italian furniture or furniture of another country.

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A wide range of furniture that we will help to make your house perfect, art. №
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A wide range of furniture that we will help to make your house perfect, art. №
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A wide range of furniture that we will help to make your house perfect, art. №
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