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Elite furniture from Italy, France, Germany, Spain, England the USA – an ideal solution for a house

Stylish and functional luxury furniture from Italy, England, France, Spain, Germany and the United States is an ideal solution for an interior in a classic style. Following centuries-old traditions and use of modern the most advanced technologies allow Italian furniture factories to create real masterpieces.
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Bar stool
Bar Manhattan
Bar stool Skipping
Bar stool Bar
Bar stool Angelo Cappellini
Bar Montalcino
Bar stool One More
Bar stool
Bar items: 689
Bathroom (Suite bathroom) Saraya
The cupboard under the sink
Bathroom (Suite bath) Natural Chic
Cabinet Bibop
Dresser, console, bath Silvano Grifoni
Bathroom sink Cabinet
The Cabinet under the sink Silvano Grifoni
The Cabinet under the sink Trend
Set for bathroom Casanova
Bathroom items: 111
Bedroom (Suite bedroom) Silvano Grifoni
Double bed Inglese
Bed Eros
Living room (sofa set) Maupassant
commode Riga
Set for bedroom Colombini
Murano bedside table
Bedroom (Suite bedroom) Lubiex
Bedroom items: 9928
Plaza billiard table
Billiard room items: 16
The Manet Chair
Table SC16
Bookcase Annibale Colombo
Table Island
Desk Leon
Forum Chair President
The Paradiso Chair
Table Vecchia Maria
Cabinet items: 2426
Dining room (furniture dining room)
Chair New York 2
Showcase Pregno
Dining table by Ronald Schmitt
Table Factory
Dining table
Table Concorde
Chair Bordignon Camillo
A Snack Bar Villa Carmen Have Scrigno
Dining room items: 10541
The Sfera Console
Stand Ruthy
Hanger Willk
Console Ambiente Notte
the console
Console San Francisco
Closet Way
Hall, hallway items: 1219
Bed-transformer Domino
Bed Felix baby letto
Bedroom (Suite bedroom) Giusti Portos
Maria Vecchia Bed
Ghirigori bed single Twins Beds
The Gate Cabinet French Oak
Children (set children)
Stand AltaModa
Children (headsets for children) Halley
Kids' and teen rooms items: 1544
Kitchen (kitchen set) Keo DM 0068
Kitchen furniture kitchen)
kitchen furniture kitchen)
Kitchen (kitchen set) Alea
kitchen (kitchen set) Bamboo
Kitchen (kitchen set) CUCINA
Kitchen Michela
Kitchen (kitchen set) Elite
Kitchen furniture kitchen) Grand Chef 52
Kitchen items: 2814
Wall library Showroom
Modular system Crossing 05
Modular system Amelie LO.400
Modular system Flat. C.
Library Taormina
Wall San Marco
Library Taormina
Library - Showcase
Library items: 127
rocking chair MT
The Prestige Chair
Sofa corner Loft 100
Model: Milo Expo
Living room (sofa set) Balzac
The Eden Sofa
Bookcase Concerto
Living rooms items: 25467
Desk Headoffice
Chair PSCC
The Table Crossing
Writing table Annibale Colombo
Chair Tua
Chair Tripla A
Chair Ginza
Iuta Chair
Chair Bianca
Office furniture items: 520
Chair Felix
Bar Batida
The Armadillo Chaise Lounge
sofa Costa Rey T Gazebo
Rocking chair Flip
Chair Clio
The Meridienne Sofa
The Table Draftsman Iron Desk
Table Kissi Kissi
Outdoor furniture items: 800
Table Imperial
Conference table V045
The Couch Stripes
Public areas items: 46
Chair Honeycomb
Table Katana
The Chair Miss Lacy
Chair Panton Chair
Chair bed Chama
Table Copacabana
Chair 357 FELTRI
Desk Top Top
Terrace, outdoor furniture items: 1096
Cabina Armadio Wardrobe
Closet Walk-in closet
The Complanare Wardrobe
Cabina Walk-In Closet
Open walk-in closet wall-panel
Wardrobe Vetro Trasparente
Walk-In Closet, Giorgio Piotto
Cabina Wardrobe
Walk-in-closets items: 238

Elite furniture from Italy, France, Germany, Spain, England and the United States in the directions

Flawlessly beautiful and high quality, luxury Italian furniture is considered to be the benchmark in the world of furniture fashion. Each year, under the most famous brands produced hundreds of exclusive collections and production in a classic style, and, without exaggeration, every one of them makes a real splash in the circle of connoisseurs of fine furnishings. Italian luxury furniture can not only decorate any home, but also to make its interior a complete, harmonious and convenient for travelers.

Incredibly beautiful, stylish, but at the same time classic furniture is always a good combination of luxurious, the most expensive materials and high-quality execution. In each house, with luxury Italian furniture, hovers the spirit of gentility, sophistication and southern style. Rooms with collectible furniture, make a lasting impression on guests. Also, they are cozy and very comfortable.

Naturally, that products of Italian manufacturers of interior can not be cheap, but despite its fairly high price, elite furniture from Italy enjoys a very high demand worldwide. It is traditionally popular at inhabitants of Europe and East Asia. In the middle of the last Millennium luxury furniture exported from Italy as valuable gifts to the Sultan and high-ranking dignitaries, and is still in many palaces you will find unique items made by skilled hands of Italian masters several centuries ago. Now great products available to people with any income: sales, which showcases the furniture of the elite Moscow significantly reduces the prices on headsets and separate the interior from last year's collections.

All furniture from Italian manufacturers is produced from valuable breeds of wood (beech, oak, rosewood, etc.), high quality glass, metal, artificial or natural stone and other durable and beautiful materials. Stylish and original accessories of the European production gives the product a complete and harmonious appearance. In our country, however, as elsewhere in the world, Italian interior items are considered a sign of financial stability and well-being. If you are interested in the luxury furniture provides you a unique opportunity to purchase products from the latest and previous collections.

At the moment we are replenishing the product catalogue and only a small part of the furniture assortment which we can offer you is represented on our website.

If you have any questions regarding products which are not presented on our site, please feel free to send us an e-mail or give us a call!

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Elite furniture from Italy, France, Germany, Spain, England the USA – an ideal solution for a house, art. №
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Elite furniture from Italy, France, Germany, Spain, England the USA – an ideal solution for a house, art. №
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